School Life. Well, it ain’t that easy. We have problems. The major one is EXAMS and STUDYING. Some of my classmates score a hell lotta marks. And I’ll be just standing there like ‘wow’. Another lecture from our teachers. Gosh. Someone scores better than my friends and I, and there goes the missile. Boom! And it starts like ‘Learn something from him. you should score marks like him/her. i mean, he won’t be a duffer to score such amazing marks. you all should learn something from him. he is such a good child. he listens to me in the class also. no wonder he got such good marks. but you, you people do not even listen to me in the class. such irresponsible children.’ Some teachers would be pretty cool about it and will say ‘its okay. do better next time.’ but the others, are just like ‘boom boom boom boom boom’ (no offence to the teacherss) but ya know, my school teachers are seriously like this.


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