Have Faith

People get into problems every other day. People think that it is very bad that all that happened to them and think that their life sucks. But have you ever thought that you can overcome it by discussing your problems with the people whom you trust? Well, that is what happened to me. I got bullied!!  Now,  people  have difficulty in overcoming such situations.  Some of them try to do self- harm also when very troubled instead of trying to solve these problems in a calm manner.  But is self- harm or any other thing  you try by harming yourself  solve your problems? No. I will tell you my story. I was new to the school. And trying to adjust; but I got a shock when I realized that I was being  bullied by my ‘so called best friend’ and my two more close friends.  I never expected this from THEM. They started bulling me from the time I used to make a pony to school. Then they started inciting others to do the same.  I told them to stop it, but they didn’t. At that point of time,  I felt that my life sucked. But then, one day, another good friend of mine  told me to have faith and  not get cowed down  by such stupid people. And the most important thing, to believe in your self. Because if you believe in yourself, you are THE real hero. Thanks to her, I can stand where I am right now. I am proud of myself. I love you. Thanks to those people who bullied me, I have learnt a lesson I would never forget. So people, have faith and believe in yourself.


One thought on “Have Faith

  1. I read your articles….I just wanted to say that you are v. talented and keeep on writing articles like this. Only

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